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Can Rabbits Eat Kiwi? – Health Benefits You Need To Know

If you’re a bunny parent, then you might be wondering if your little one can eat kiwi. After all, it’s a nutritious fruit that’s packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

But is it safe for bunnies to eat kiwi? In this post, we’ll explore the answer to that question and provide some tips on how to safely introduce kiwi into your bunny’s diet. Enjoy!

Can rabbits eat kiwi?

Yes! rabbits should eat kiwi once in a while. Kiwi fruit is a healthy, vitamin-rich food that many people enjoy. When ripe, it has a sweet taste and lots of vitamin C. The main pit can be removed or sometimes it’s edible too. Some are worried about whether their rabbits can eat kiwi fruit or not.

It does not matter if the rabbit is young or adult, male or female; they can all eat kiwi fruit. However, like most fruits and vegetables that are good for rabbits, you must only feed them ripe kiwis because the unripe ones may contain toxins.

When kiwi first becomes ripe, it has a tarty flavor but as it becomes riper the taste changes to sweet. The skin of the fruit will also become less green and more brownish-yellow in color. As with most fruits and vegetables, you should give your rabbit smaller amounts of this at first just to make sure their digestive system deals with it okay. Always provide plenty of hay when feeding new foods so that your rabbit can eat if they don’t feel good.

Some kiwi fruits may have a hard center which you should remove before giving them to your rabbit. The main pit inside the fruit can be removed or sometimes it’s edible too depending on the type of kiwi you are feeding.

However, if you prefer not to feed them whole fruit you can also buy kiwi fruit as a juice instead.

As with most fresh foods, always make sure they are washed before feeding them to your bunnies.

Some people feed their rabbits kiwi regularly and have never had any problems. However, it is still recommended that you introduce this new food slowly into their diet just to be on the safe side. We all know the dangers of a rabbit not eating!

Health benefits of Kiwis for Rabbits

Kiwi fruit is a healthy, vitamin-rich food that many people enjoy. It provides rabbits with an array of essential vitamins and minerals which are vital for their health.

Vitamin C – high levels of Vitamin C are essential for good rabbit health as it helps to fight against illness and infections. Good intake can help prevent your pet from catching diseases caused by bacteria or viruses.

Fiber – Kiwis contain fiber which is important for your rabbit’s digestive system because if their diet doesn’t have enough fiber it can result in serious health problems including obesity, chronic gastrointestinal disease, malnutrition, decreased immunity, and other digestive problems. Fibre also helps the growth of friendly gut bacteria by acting as a food source for them!

Potassium – High potassium levels are important for your rabbit’s health as it helps the body to maintain normal blood pressure. Potassium is also vital for strong muscles and cells, especially the heart!

Folate – A lack of folate can lead to shepherds or Sprague- Dawley leukemia, a dangerous white blood cancer that affects rabbits. Kiwi’s have high levels of this essential vitamin which help prevent these types of cancers from developing!

Vitamin E – High levels of Vitamin E in kiwis help strengthen their immune system and keep them healthy. Too much Vitamin E can be harmful so always provide in moderation.

Lutein – Lutein is another important antioxidant that kiwifruit contains lots of. It plays an important role in protecting your pet against harmful free radicals that can damage cells, cause cancer or lead to early aging!

Niacin – An important vitamin for good rabbit health as it helps to metabolize fats and proteins. It is also essential for healthy skin and fur coats because it helps produce sebum which is the oils that rabbits naturally secrete to keep their coats shiny and glossy!

On top of all these amazing health benefits, kiwi fruit tastes delicious too so if your bunny gets bored of their usual diet give them this new treat instead. Just remember always introduce new foods gradually into their diet so they can get used to the taste!

How many kiwis should i feed my rabbit?

According to age

Adult small rabbit – 1/4 to 1/2 a whole fruit depending on size

Adult medium rabbit- Half a kiwi or one kiwi per kg of body weight

Large adult rabbit – 1 whole fruit

According to Breed

Giant breed rabbits- Two whole fruits per day.

Rex rabbit – One whole fruit per day

Dwarf breed rabbits – Half a kiwi per day

Flemish Giant, English Lop, and other large breeds- One to two whole fruits a week because of their size.

Types Of Kiwi Rabbit Can Eat

The Japanese type is the most commonly found in supermarkets. This has a greenish-brown exterior, firm jet black flesh, and black seeds.

The Redfern kiwi is another type that can be either gold or green. It has a smooth exterior, bright-colored flesh with yellow or orange seeds. They are usually smaller than other types of this fruit but taste better!

Wild kiwis are much bigger than other types of fruit. They have dark greenish-brown skin with white soft flesh underneath that tastes delicious! These are often used for cooking so they will either need to be bought specially or you could ask someone if they would like to give you some free ones!

Can rabbits eat kiwifruit skin, leaves, and vines?

Yes, they can!

Rabbits can eat kiwifruit vines but make sure you remove any stickers and wash them thoroughly before feeding your rabbit.

You can also feed the skin and leaves which are safe for rabbits to digest. Just like most fruits and vegetables, always ensure that it is fresh and clean. Make sure there is no dirt or pesticides on it because these could cause problems for your pet if eaten.

Can rabbits eat Kiwi Vines?

Yes, they can! Make sure you remove all stickers from the vines first though.

Healthy Alternatives For Kiwi and their benefits?

Apples – A delicious and healthy fruit for rabbits. It is a great choice if they don’t like kiwi fruit!

Apricot – This tasty treat is full of antioxidants that help fight free radicals in the body. They are also very high in Vitamin A, beta-carotene, and fiber. Just be careful to remove any stones before feeding though!

Banana – This yummy fruit is super sweet so can satisfy your rabbit’s sweet tooth when mixed with their usual salad vegetables. It is an ideal choice because it contains lots of healthy vitamins including Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, potassium, and manganese. However, never feed too many bananas as they are quite starchy so could cause stomach problems if fed in high amounts.

Figs – A crunchy fruit full of natural sugars to keep your bunny happy and healthy. They are also packed with antioxidants, calcium, fiber, and various other vitamins too!

Mango – Mango is a delicious juicy fruit is a yummy way to get an extra source of Vitamin A into your rabbit’s diet!  

Peaches – As well as being tasty these little peaches are high in beta-carotene which helps protect cells from free radicals.

Pears – Perfect for rabbits who can’t eat kiwi because they are much easier to digest than other fruits. They’re also full of fiber, Vitamin C and B6.

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