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What do rabbits hate? 14 Things You Need to Know!

What do rabbits hate? This is a question that has been asked by many people over the years. The answer, however, is not as simple as one might think. There are a variety of things that rabbits can dislike, depending on the individual rabbit’s personality.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the things that rabbits commonly dislike and provide tips for creating a home environment that they will feel comfortable in. Thank you for reading!

What do rabbits hate?

Some of the most common dislikes include loud noises, strong scents, and being handled roughly. Understanding what your rabbit hates can help you to avoid doing things or having things in your home that will make them uncomfortable.

There are many things that rabbits hate, but the most common include:

being lonely

Rabbits are social animals, just like humans. One of their most basic needs is to socialize and interact with other living beings, including their species rabbits have a unique language that can be primarily understood by other rabbits, which is why many people recommend getting a partner for your bunny if you are not in the position to do this however you must take on the role of being your rabbit soul mate and give them the love and attention they deserve

loud, jarring noises

Rabbits have an extensive range of hearing. I mean, check out those ears. It’s what they’re known for. Their hearing range is from 360 hertz to 49 000 hertz compared to that of the average human hearing between 64 hertz and 23 000 hertz. Rabbits can even detect these sounds from up to 1.8 miles away. Rabbits can even swivel their ears independently of each other to capture sounds from specific directions, so be mindful with blaring music, shouting, or letting your fire alarm go off.

going to the vet

Like humans hate visiting the dentist, rabbits hate going to the vet. It’s nothing personal against your vet. They fear the strange unknown scents, noises, and startling actions like getting their temperature checked will freak them out. This is why you should aim to seek a kind and gentle rabbit-savvy vet to make sure your rabbit feels as comfortable as possible during their visit.

what do rabbits hate


This is because rabbits require their noses to stay dry, Which is why they often twitch their noses. If you wet the nose before it goes down the throat, they might suffocate. They also don’t like water because it makes their ears droop down (which looks similar to a sign of illness). Drooping ears are just as a sign of being healthy as ears up are!

Riding in cars

being in a car means leaving solid ground turbulence in a car is the equivalent to turbulence on a plane for humans then there’s the loud engine or the sounds of traffic outside car rides are not a pleasant experience for bunnies the best solution to this problem is to try and comfort your rabbit either before after or during the car ride if you’re not the one driving that is making sure their carrier or car seat is comfortable fastened safely in the back seat and check on your rabbet regularly to make sure they are adjusting damp stale and

dusty hay

Hay is 80 of a rabbit’s diet, which means it’s essential your rabbit receives high-quality fresh hay daily as the fiber content is responsible for a healthy digestive system. A rabbit knows when their hay is low quality, and they’re so bright that they won’t eat it. It should smell nice and be dust-free rabbits have sensitive respiratory systems, so dusty hate will make them sneeze.

not being able to hide

hiding for rabbits is a way of life this is what they specialize in their wild ancestors would burrow in complex tunnel systems as a form of shelter and protection from predators, so if you catch your bun resting peacefully under the couch, leave them be, and if they don’t have a Heidi space that makes them feel safe they’re going to feel sad scared and uncomfortable

strong smells 

The human nose comprises around 5 or 6 million scent receptors. A rabbit has up to 100 million of these cells. Rabbits have a strong sense of smell that they use to find accessible food sources or to discern strong and unpleasant scents that could lead to danger, so always make sure to wash your hands before interacting with your rabbit and keep their home environment smelling clean and safe.

rabbits hate alot of things

they hate wearing clothes 

Bunnies don’t want to wear clothes or accessories. It makes them uncomfortable it can also be dangerous as a bunny could freak out and feel trapped or suffocated. They could even tangle themselves up in the fabric. Perhaps a tiny accessory here and there for a quick photo under supervision is acceptable, but nothing long-term. Remember, bunnies aren’t humans.

they hate being picked up as prey 

Being held or picked up in the air makes rabbits feel insecure like they are being captured or dropped at any moment. They think they’re most confident on solid ground. If you notice your rabbits squirming while you pick them up, it’s best to set them down gently, and while some rabbits can be trained to tolerate it for a short while, for the most part, they’d somewhat not be lifted.

being submerged in water

Rabbits can swim, but it doesn’t mean that they should. Swimming is only a survival mechanism designed to evade predators if necessary; however, domestic rabbits have evolved to stay dry as they can’t regulate their temperatures and are susceptible to hypothermia. As a result, regular self-grooming is a technique they use to keep clean and smell fresh.

being chased 

Oh boy, you know when you have an anxiety attack and need to pop a Xanax because you can’t breathe. Well, that’s how rabbits feel when you chase them. Although sometimes they do run away from you to be sassy, for the most part, it is because it’s in their nature to run run run when something or someone is trying to capture them. Here’s a pro tip try luring them to you with a treat instead

being confined to small spaces 

Everyone knows rabbits love to hop. It’s their signature dance move. Some other favorite activities include running and twisting in the air. When extremely happy, being confined to a small space will depress your rabbit and cause obesity and other health problems. Imagine being stuck in your closet all day with no way to escape the best solution is to let your rabbit roam free in a bunny-proofed space where they can be house trained and feel liberated. An alternative is to keep them in a mental exercise.


That’s right, terrified of predators. After all, they are at the bottom of the food chain, so they spend their entire lives in alert mode, trying to survive. Domestic rabbits that have evolved to live safely under the human wing don’t have to face predators for the most part like their wild cousins. Ultimately it’s best to keep your domestic bunny away from dangerous animals that could snap unpredictably and hurt your rabbit.

what do rabbits hate about humans?

humans are intimidating to rabbits because they aren’t used to them so if you want your house bunny to feel comfortable with you sometimes you need to work extra hard at it the first step is getting their trust by slowly making friends or even smooshing your face into theirs and letting them sniff away the tears it also helps to be patient but firm when teaching them where certain places like their litter box are located not only will this keep them safe but will keep your floor clean too

Tips to Make rabbits love you

now that we’ve gone over what bunnies hate about humans let’s talk about how you can give them their space while still keeping things interesting for your bun why not try building a pen in the living room or adding an extra bunny-proofed room so your rabbit can feel at home here are five tips to help you get started

1. food and toys

let’s not forget bunnies need their playtime too so be sure to provide them with an environment filled with chewy sticks, hopping pits, cozy nooks for hiding, and fun tunnels now all they have to do is find the perfect match for their personality type

2. house training

bunny training should come naturally but take caution because rabbits may suck at it the first few times around if necessary give yourself or your rabbit some extra time before calling it quits it will happen eventually make sure you put them in a safe space like a large pen or bunny proofed room when you’re away they should be confined but still able to move about freely this will keep them safe and out of trouble plus it will give your house a nice clean scent

3. scratching

every rabbit needs to scratch let them do their bunny thing on some sturdy surfaces like carpet or wood panels they can also use the post for nesting so they feel warm and cozy not only will they love it but you won’t have to worry about holes in your favorite chair anymore too bad my brother thought he was so funny using my mom’s favorite seat as an epic toilet.

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