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Do rabbits eat grasshoppers? – Health Risks and Prevention

There are many misconceptions about the diets of rabbits. Some people believe that rabbits only eat carrots and leaves, but this is not true. Rabbits actually enjoy a wide variety of foods, including Bugs and insects.

Some people may wonder if rabbits eat grasshoppers. The answer is, While they can eat grasshoppers but they probably won’t like it. Keep reading to learn why!

Do rabbits eat grasshoppers?

Grasshopper is not a part of the regular diet for rabbits, but if it has to it can eat them. It’s more likely that they will die from eating something dangerous rather than actually consume a grasshopper. As with other creatures though, eating one or two won’t kill them – just make them sick and prevent their digestive system from processing anything else.

Of course, this depends on the type of rabbit and whether they’re wild or domestic. If you have pet rabbits then we’d recommend creating a supplemental feeder for your domestic rabbits or changing to an alternative food source that doesn’t use grasses in it (e.g. timothy hay). But for wild ones, if there’s a grasshopper infestation then they have to eat them or face starvation.

What are the benefits to rabbits eating grasshoppers?

Grasshoppers are not a great food source for animals. They don’t have much nutritional value and are more likely to make your rabbits sick than anything else. It’s hard for them to digest something of this size (grasshoppers can be up to 2″ long) but if they do eat some then it will usually pass through the digestive tract without harm.

What are the problems with rabbits eating grasshoppers?

Again, it’s hard for them to digest something this big. Their digestive system is not equipped for it and is likely to cause them an upset stomach. One grasshopper may not be enough to kill your rabbits but repeated consumption can result in malnutrition or starvation. It is likely that they will suffer from some form of gut damage if they eat several grasshoppers, which might lead to their death.

diseases that grasshoppers can cause

Grasshoppers carries a number of diseases that can be transferred to animals. These include typhlitis, viral hemorrhagic disease, and mycotoxicosis. Eating grasshoppers is unlikely to kill rabbits but if they have eaten several then they are likely to suffer from some form of gut damage that could prevent them from being able to eat anything else – making it a life-threatening condition.


typhlitis is a dangerous disease that grasshoppers carry. It has a fatality rate of about 4% for rabbits and can be transmitted by direct contact or through the air.

viral hemorrhagic disease

Viral hemorrhagic disease is also known as rabbit calicivirus – estimated fatality rate is 50% to 70%.


mycotoxicosis results from either eating moldy food or eating insects that have eaten it before. The symptoms are often vomiting, depression, diarrhea, anorexia, gastrointestinal upset, jaundice, respiratory distress, hepatocellular necrosis (cell death), hepatoportal degeneration (formation of fibrotic bands in liver lobules), renal tubule degeneration (formation of eosinophilic casts in the renal tubules), and inflammation of the bone marrow.

How Do I Protect My Rabbit From Accidentally Eating Grasshoppers?

Rabbits often suffer from eating poisonous grasshoppers unintentionally. It’s not good for their digestive system and can cause them great damage. If you notice a lot of grasshoppers in your area then we recommend creating a supplemental feeder for your rabbits or using different food sources. here are some tips to protect your rabbit:

1. Keep grasshoppers out of the area

Keep grasshopper infestations away from your rabbits as they can eat them accidentally and contract a stomachache or die. You can use fences around your property to keep them off the land you own, although this is best for preventing them from entering your property as opposed to keeping them off your lawns/gardens.

2. Create a supplemental hay feeder

If you have pets then consider creating a hay feeder instead of leaving some on the ground where they will inevitably consume it and be harmed by it. You can buy one online using our link below:

3. Clean up any excess food that may attract grasshoppers

Grasshoppers are attracted to leftover food on the ground. If you have a picnic then be sure to clean it up afterwards as they can eat your leftovers and harm themselves. Alternatively, place some food sources at a height that rabbits cannot reach so they cannot eat them until you clear your area of any grasshopper infestations or leftover food from picnics/barbecues/etc.:

Is it safe to give a grasshopper to a rabbit as a snack?

Grasshopper can be given to rabbits as a snack but should not make up their dietary intake. Their digestive system is not equipped to eat something this big and it will likely cause them to stomach upset/pain or even death if they are consumed in large quantities. Try feeding your rabbit small grasshoppers one at a time for a treat, but don’t use them as the main source of food.

What kind of insects do rabbits eat in the wild?

Rabbits eat all kinds of insects in the wild such as :

  • beetles:
  • crickets
  • grasshoppers:
  • locusts
  • caterpillars:
  • worms


The conclusion is that grasshoppers are not necessarily dangerous to rabbits but they can cause great damage to their digestive system if eaten. They also carry several diseases that can be transferred to animals including typhlitis, mycotoxicosis, and viral hemorrhagic disease. We recommend using different food sources instead of leaving them on the ground in your yard/property where your rabbit is likely to eat them. If you have any more questions or concerns then feel free to leave a comment below!

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