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7 Ways to Stop Male Rabbit From Mounting Other Rabbits

Do you have a male bunny that likes to mount everything in sight? If so, you’re probably looking for ways to stop this behavior.

Mounting is actually normal behavior for male rabbits, but it can become a problem if it’s done too often or directed at inappropriate objects or animals. So, How to stop male rabbits from mounting other rabbits?

In this post, we’ll discuss some tips on how to stop your rabbit from mounting everything in sight.

Should I Stop My Rabbits From Mounting?

Mounting is a natural behaviour for rabbits, but it can be an unwanted behaviour if they mount other rabbits or people. It can also indicate that your rabbit has a health problem. Most cases of mounting are unintentional.

Mounting occurs when one rabbit places their nose behind the head of another and adopts a dominant stance over them, which could include thrusting motions using the hips. It’s common in female-female relationships as well as male-male relationships, and it may simply be due to normal conformation differences between breeds (many smaller breeds have a higher percentage of females than males). If you’re breeding rabbits, it’s important to ensure no undesired breeding occurs from this behaviour among your males and females.

Mounting can become an unwanted behaviour if your rabbit engages in it regularly with other rabbits or people, and even more so if you notice them thrusting against soft surfaces such as children’s cuddly toys. This could be the sign of a health problem—more on that later.

Why Is Mounting A Problem?

Mounting can become a problem if your rabbit starts to do it excessively or against inappropriate objects. If you notice them rubbing their genitals on toys, children’s cuddly toys, furniture, the side of their hutch or any other object regularly, they may have an issue which needs addressing. This is often linked to behavioural issues with one or more rabbits in the hutch—you should be able to identify why this is happening by paying close attention to how your rabbits interact with each other.

7 Ways to Stop Your Male Rabbit from Mounting His Mates

Get your rabbit neutered

Neutering can reduce or stop your rabbit from mounting altogether. This is not an option for females, but neutering will be helpful in preventing it amongst male rabbits. It’s also advisable to get your rabbit neutered if his health is suffering—this could include them repeatedly mounting female rabbits and then ejaculating on their backsides.

Hold your rabbit firmly

Hold your rabbit firmly by the scruff of his neck when he starts to mount. Make sure you’re holding him correctly before doing this so that you don’t frighten him. Rabbits typically feel most secure when they are held with their chins above their shoulders, which makes them feel like they are being protected by their mother. If done properly, this should deter him from continuing with the behavior.

Treats for Separation

Rabbits just like most pets love incentives to do something. This is how they are naturally built and this is what makes them an animal

You can encourage them by giving them treats after separating them.

Smaller Group Sizes

If your rabbits are still mounting each other despite neutering them, you should consider housing them in a smaller group. This will reduce any conflicts that may be occurring between them, and will prevent a single rabbit from being left out.

Learn to Discourage Your Rabbit

Rabbits are intelligent creatures, so it’s important for you to learn your rabbit’s language. They communicate with each other through body postures, but they also do the same with people. You’ll find that if they can’t get their own way any other way, they might start to use mounting as a method of communicating this. This is often an indirect way of telling you that they’re not happy about something in their environment—they lack the verbal skills to speak up otherwise.

Give them time to relax

Rabbits are most active at dawn and dusk, so make sure you give them time to rest during the day. This will decrease their energy levels and reduce any mounting behavior that may occur. If your rabbits are active around this time of day, try to change their routine so they can get more rest during the daytime hours—this may help with controlling the behavior.

Talk to your vet

If your male rabbit is excessively mounting his female partners, this could be a sign of a health problem. If you notice that he has been ejaculating on them also, then it’s important to take him to the vet as soon as possible—this behaviour can cause infections and diseases which can be passed from one rabbit to another through vaginal secretions.

You should only have one male in your group if any at all. It’s not advisable to house two or more rabbits together unless you are a qualified breeder who is able to manage the group effectively. Males will often fight over dominance much like dogs do—this isn’t necessarily because they want to mate with the female; it’s more likely that they trying to show that their dominance.

Health Problems Caused By Mounting

Excessive mounting can also be a sign of an underlying health problem. Spaying your female rabbits can help to curb inappropriate physical affection, while neutering will reduce the need for any displays of this behaviour.

Sluggishness And Lethargy: If your rabbit is lethargic and sluggish through excessive mounting, they may have other problems which should be investigated by a veterinarian. This type of excessive mounting is often linked to sexual maturity in young rabbits—neutering will reduce the time they spend doing it over time if nothing else resolves the issue.

Why Does My Rabbit Hump The Other Rabbit’s Face?

Backward Mounting is a sexual behavior that is most commonly seen in female rabbits. This behavior can be misperceived as an act of aggression or dominance, but it’s actually the way that female rabbits show their receptiveness to being mounted. A mounting rabbit will stand on top of a receptive partner and balance themselves with their front paws while using the raised back legs to pull against another rabbit’s shoulders.

A male mounting another male (or your hand) take several different forms based on his intentions. He may raise himself up like he would if he were trying to mount a female, or try to rub his genital against your hand or face instead. Many male rabbits will also aim for the other rabbit’s face, neck, flanks and hindquarters while masturbating.

This behavior is usually linked to sexual maturity in rabbits, so neutering the rabbit will usually solve it over time if nothing else does.

What to Do If Your Bunny Humps You?

If your rabbit is humping you, it’s important to know that they are not actually having sex with you. Bunnies rub their chins on things they like, and sometimes fall over from the sheer sweet joy of it. Some bunnies will hump your hand or foot in this process if you offer them a stroke or scratch under the chin.

If your bunny humps you, don’t be alarmed! This is normal behavior for both male and female rabbits, so let your bunny rub away while petting him calmly. If your bunny starts getting too rambunctious, try to distract him with some favorite treats so he can save his energy for something else (like mating!). Also, make sure not to pick up the rabbit by its hind legs – that’s just rude!

Some rabbits get very excited during petting and might “paw” at your hand or foot, resulting in a bunny hump. If this happens, just let him do it! It’s important not to startle the rabbit during these moments of bliss.

To stop this behavior, You can simply turn your back to the bunny. Slowly, turn back around and ignore him for a minute or two. Then try petting him again; usually he will be slightly calmer. If he gets too excited, turn away again for another minute or two then try again.

The most important thing is to remain calm yourself! Many buns go into happy shock when you’re calm about their behavior – they don’t know what to do with themselves! They’ve never gotten this kind of attention before, so it’s very exciting for them.


To conclude, a rabbit’s mounting behavior is not usually sexual in nature, but rather a display of dominance. Mounting can also be a sign of an underlying health problem.

Excessive mounting can also be a sign of an underlying health problem. Spaying your female rabbits can help to curb inappropriate physical affection, while neutering will reduce the need for any displays of this behavior.

Simple ways to stop it are neutering and Keeping them separate.

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